Wheat Grass Recipe



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Wheatgrass is a very unique plant, in it essentially lives two lives: first it is a green plant, and then it becomes a shaft of wheat that produces grain. Most of you have probably heard or tasted wheatgrass juice. Well, when it is in its plant stage, wheatgrass can grow up to 9 inches. This is when it can be cut and turned into juice. Wheatgrass juice is full of vitamins and minerals. You just need 1 ounce per day to experience some of the many health benefits of wheatgrass juice.


Wheatgrass has many benefits including:
- Body cleanser, cleansing the body of toxins
- Reduces blood pressure
- Purifying the blood
- Stimulates metabolism, as it contains a lot of enzymes.
- Removes toxins from the lympth system
- Restoring vitality and energy


It is no surprise wheat grass enema is a popular enema, due to the many benefits it brings.




2 ounces of wheat grass juice
2.5 quarts of water




1. Fill your enema bag with the wheat grass solution


2. Put the enema book in a hook above 4 feet.


3. Get on a Knee-chest position with your chest against the ground, with your anus higher than your face.


4. Insert the enema tip into your anus, using KY Jelly or any sort of lubricant.


5. Empty the wheat grass enema solution into your rectum, and hold as much as possible. Try and hold it for at least 10 minutes.


6. Massage your abdomen counter-clockwise.


7. When your enema bag has no more solution, get the enema tip of your rectum.


8. Lie on your right and left side for at least 6 minutes, while still massaging your abdomen.


9. Go to the bathroom to evacuate and have a bowel movement


10. You might have to repeat steps 1-9 more than once.


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