Vinegar Enema Recipe



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Vinegar is one of the most underrated remedies in the world. It is used by a ton of people as a cleaner, and medicine. One of my friends uses vinegar to clean her window. Vinegar can also be used as a stain remover, and chewing gum dissolver. It can also be used in an enema solution.


Ingredients Needed:


2-3 tablespoons of pure white vinegar
2 quarts lukewarm water




1. Fill your enema bag with the vinegar solution


2. Hook the enema bag about 4-5 feet above the floor on a rack.


3. Get on a Knee chest position with your chest up against the floor, with your anus higher than your face.


4. Insert the tip of the nozzle into your anus, using KY Jelly or any sort of lubricant if you need it.


5. Empty the vinegar solution into your rectum. Try and hold as much of the vinegar solution in your colon as possible.


6. Massage your abdomen counter-clockwise.


7. When the enema bag has nothing left, or you can't hold any more water, remove the enema tip from your rectum.


8. Lie on your left side, then your right side for 8 minutes each, while still massaging your abdomen counter-clockwise.


9. Go to the bathroom to have a bowel movement.


10. Repeat steps 1-9 if you feel you need to.


My Experience with the Vinegar Enema

The vinegar enema is perhaps my 2nd or 3rd favorite enema after the coffee enema. It feels very soothing, and pleasant. I would highly recommend doing it at least once to see if you like it or not.


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