Playing with Lori


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I had been in LA about six months when first met Matt. We were both in our early thirties and some what new to the whole scene, or should I say slow, very slow. I met him at Joly's on Western what either of us was doing in there I could never figure out, it just seemed to be fate. I went home with him that first evening and it was a this day he still doesn't remember what happened!!! A couple weeks went by and I decided to call him at work....much to his surprise. We meet that evening for dinner and the same attraction that took us by storm the first evening was still there.


It was the start of a two year affair. For two conservative accountants those two years were full of a lot of discovering. Just when I thought we've had done everything with each other's body that a straight or perverse mind of man could dream up, one of us would spring some new delightful new surprise on the other. At first who was on top was always a toss up, but as things progressed, I seemed to get the part most of the time. Most good things come to an end and Matt was promoted and transferred out of town.


For the next couple of years, Matt and I would arrange together every couple of months. then he found a new love, and our get togethers keep getting further and further apart, but never stopped.


I too had met someone, a young trim blond. who was as cute as a first day freshman, still looking for the administration building ten steps in front of him. Jim reminded me of a sleeping innocent boy, the kind that are pure terror during the day and so fucking lovable at night. By using very strict English training methods, the kind that can prove most unpleasant for errant young trainee, I had molded him into an obedient and impeccable boytoy.


All I had to do was snap my fingers and Jim was there, it was the same trick my mother had use on me. No matter how good Jim was he knew he would get his ass beat at least once a day. Despite his efforts to please me I could always find some reason for him to bear his ass and spread it over my lap, where I would either use my big black razor strap or my hand on it. I would smack that buttocks again and again -- harder and harder.. By the fourth or fifth smack his rump glowed a beet red all over, while his eyes would start to tear. His hard seven inches would be hard as a rock. Then I would stop and Jim would ask if he could get up and thank me for being so good to him. That boy could get to me every time with his innocents. I would give in somewhat and let him suck my cock or fuck his ass.


Matt called and asked if I wanted to get together for a weekend. Matt still was hot after all this time and I thought why not....just because we were ten years older, didn't mean that we couldn't have a hell of a good time. I meet Matt early on Saturday morning, after driving to his place. He had the coffee on but I wasn't really interested in coffee....


I wanted a piece of his ass, just like in olden times.....that is when he suggested that we play a game. It had been fun years ago so why not now. The rules were simple we would play one game of stud, the winner take all. I should have never trusted Matt, even thought he shuffled the cards and I cut them, he had taken up a new hobby, card tricks. My hand was pure shit while his was a royal straight flush. I should have know....


"let's see if you can take what you seem to dish out so well" .Matt knew he could get me with words like those. WE used to dare each other just to see what reaction it would get. Matt told me to strip and face the wall.... I had been standing there nude for a couple of minutes when he grabbed both of my wrists and I felt the cold steel of handcuffs, the next thing I knew I had been blindfolded....Matt knew from years ago that being deprived of my sight was one way to really get to me. I just stood there the chills were having a field day up and down my spine. My feet were bound. Then there were hands all over me, I tried to count but there didn't seem to be the same number, when I tried to count. SMACK SMACK SMACK!!!!!!


I knew that sound it was a piece of lather against flesh, not mine, yet. I started to protest, that is when the SMACK was my ass, god did it smart...SMACK, the second blow hit this time harder, my body knew it and responded with a shutter that started at the top of my head and when straight to my feet. I was hit about every five to ten seconds for about five minutes. The tears were flowing under the blindfold, I couldn't help it, it hurt, it hurt real bad. Then all of a sudden it stopped. My ass and back felt like it was on fire. I knew it was a royal flush red!!!! I was left there to suffer for what seemed like hours......


My hours of suffering were soon at a was only five or ten minutes but it felt like hours..I was pulled away from the wall and cock and ball harness was put on me, then I felt a pull on my balls, I was being lead by them. I thought that I knew the layout of Matt's house but I couldn't get my bearings. I was lead up stairs into a room that felt cold, and the floor felt like some kind of smooth leather like material. I was pushed into a cold porcelain tub, but it was high off the floor not Matt's bathroom that I remembered. I could make out some whispering in the back ground but not that was being said, the only voice that I had hear was that of Matt's up to this point.


Then I heard this soft manly voice...he said his name was Dr. Tom and he was going to be examine me. I opened my mouth when Matt said, "can't take it, huh?" That was all that it took for me to close my mouth and just lay there. The handcuffs were taken off and my arms were attached to restrains above my head. I could feel the presents of others but couldn't count how many...just when I thought that I could tell someone moved and a new presents was felt. This whole thing was another of Matt's perverse mind fucks. After play with someone for over ten years you would have thought that we had done everything!!!!


Then I heard that deep soft manly voice again..."what I am going to do is examine the inside of your cock"...I felt a coldness against my leg...."what I have here is called a sound and I am going to let it slow descend down your urethra, after I inject some sterile lube down will not hurt, you will feel some slight pressure but no pain". No one had ever put anything in my cock before and you could tell me it wasn't going to hurt!!!! My ass was still on fire from the spanking I had gotten earlier.


I started to tremble I knew not matter what was said it was going to hurt like hell...fuck that Matt he had did it to me again!!!


The sterile lube was injected, and it felt somewhat good, the coolness and somewhat sticky. Then the cold steel of the sound was at the entrance of my cock hole, my whole body tensed up....that is when Matt started to talk to me, what he said I don't remember but his voice told me to just be a man and take it.....the sound slowly stated to descend down my urethra, it wasn't being push it was going in all by itself!!! What a feeling the coldness of the steel in a hot cock...there was no pain just a feeling that was new, different, good, pleasurable. The first one was taken out and a larger size was put in, this was even better then the cock all of a sudden had a mind of its own and got rock hard with the sound all the way in.


It took everything in my power not to unload. It seems that the sound also hit the prostate causing it to react and make the urge to cum even stronger. Just when I could take much more with out cumming, they stopped. My cock was rock hard and I wanted to cum so bad, I could feel the precum leaking all over my stomach.


At this point Matt said that I need a shower before they continued with my exam.. I felt first one, hot stream hit my cock and ball, then the second hitting my chest, a third from the other side, a fourth, and a fifth and lost count, shower was right a golden one of hot man piss!!!! From head to toe, there wasn't an inch that hadn't been covered with it. Matt said it was time for a break and asked if I wanted a drink. Great I thought I would find out who was there and what in the hell was happening. No such luck...Matt left me there and came back in a few minutes with a beer which he feed me, pouring half of it down my neck, the first was followed by another, and another...


After the beer Matt had feed me I really had to take a piss-- just as i started to say something Matt's hard cock filled my mouth--- "You really don't want to say anything, boy?" Well with Matt's cock in my mouth my attention was on the 7 1/2" of man meat I knew so well. Then Mat told me that the doctor was going to put a foley up mu cock and control my piss---he was also going to give me an enema using a hose -- it was bad enough to be bound and played with, with who knew how amy people watching, but the control he was taking over my body was humiliating -- not even being able to piss by one's self... If I could have been able to get loose at this point Matt wouldn't be able to sit down for at least a month and I would have fucked his ass so hard that he would have seen stars for days!!! Wishful thinking!!!!


I heard a package being opened, that ripping sound of something being opened for the first time. I felt the catheter go in, again i was surprised by the feeling, hard to describe, but differently a plus. I expected relief from my over filled bladder as soon as it when in but nothing happened. But then the urge to piss when away, only to come back a minute later - I couldn't understand what wa happening, first I had to go then I didn't, only a moment later to have to again!!!! Then I felt the enema tube snake it way up my ass, there was a slight full feeling, then I felt the water start to flow... I could feel my belly, starting to distend as more and more water entered my ass. With all the pressure I felt that I was cummming but I wasn't...


"You can dish it out, boy, how does it feel like to take it, boy, to be controlled by others, boy???" were Matt's words -- his tone of voice surprised me -- I have never heard it before, it was a tone of command, of being a top man. Then I was asked if I really wanted to piss -- my answer was yes and yes again.. "okay piss boy"


I felt the flow start running all over my cock and balls but I wasn't pissing, it was just flowing out of me!!! Then I heard someone say "Just look at him pissing all over himself -- just like a little boy, he can't control himself" I turned red then redder -- I could control my own piss -- it was being controlled by someone else, someone I could see and didn't know. I was at his mercy, to be used as he saw fit. When the last drops were leaving the catheter, Matt said it was time for a break.. He untied me and lead my by the balls to the bathroom. He retied my arms and legs and left me there....


I don't know why but being in the dark seems to make time act in strange ways. Seconds seem like minutes, minutes like hours. I had been sitting there for seemed like days. Matt came back in and yanked the cord attached to my balls-- I opened my mouth in surprise and pain, when he shoved his cock into my mouth-- was it good, that hard piece of man meat was enjoyable no matter when I got my mouth around it. Matt told me while I was sucking his cock "It is almost over, boy, you have done real well, but only time will tell." I was lead from the bathroom into, I guess the bedroom and tied spread eagle with my arms and legs attached to the four corners of the bed.


I felt hands all over me, pinching, pulling, squeezing -- my tits, my balls, my cock -- then a new sensation, like a shock, a jolt to my balls, it was quick and short, at first I didn't think anything of it, then it started to increase, it was like someone was flicking my balls with the tip of their finger, it keep getting harder, faster and faster, it reminded me of getting hit in the balls while playing football but the pain was of short duration, but it hurt!!! Then it stopped, only to have the feeling transferred to the head of my cock, I laid there bound wondering what, next, my body was one mass of nerve endings, the whole time my cock was getting shocked someone had been play with my tits, they were now standing up at attention.


The stimulation of my cock stopped and a felt a warm mouth cover it---bring me to a peak, so close --- then stopped and my cock felt the cool air, only after a moment to be surround my other hot mouth and up the mountain I would go again-- I lost count again --- I just gave into my feeling --- I would get so close only to be left hanging. Again I had lost track of time, all I knew was that my body was screaming for relief from all the tension. Then I felt a hand I knew, a hand that knew me. He pumped my cock to climax - -climax isn't the word for it -- my whole body came pouring out of the head of my cock with each spurt -- all the fear, humiliation, was replaced by a feeling of fulfillment.


I was untied but still blindfolded and with the restrains on..and lead or should I say crawled to another room, the feeling of soft clean sheets caressed my nude battered body in a second I was asleep. When I woke up the room was in twilight, the blindfold had been removed and the restrains also. A warm blanket covered me and lying next to me was Matt, the pervert, himself. My cock was rock hard, after what had happened I didn't think it would respond for at least a week. Matt made a mistake he should have never untied me much less been lying on his stomach. With one quick move which ever muscle in my body protested I mounted him and rammed my cock up his ass, pinning him to the bed, I rode that boy like he had never been rode before, his backward thrusts told me he was enjoying this hard use of his asshole...I shot a load in his ass with as much force as the previous one...Matt's body shock as he went over the top.....


I never did find out who was there that weekend. There would quite a few hints the following weeks but no one came out and said that they were there. The next time Matt calls, we will play a game but it will be one I think up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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