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Lori was one of my best friends. She was tall, blonde and beautiful. She reminded me a lot of Lori Singer the actress including the fact that she was very, very skinny. Her arms and legs were thin and she had only small, budding breasts. It was that tall, adolescent quality that first attracted me to her. But what keep our relationship going was her love of enemas and my love of giving them to her. Whenever we got together, the old enema bag got hauled out sooner or later. She enjoyed the pleasures of the bag immensely. Our love play had always included some form of anal sex whether is was dildoes or bananas Lori always willingly accepted them up her ass. At first it was straight dildo fucking in the pussy, then when we progressed to dildo ass fucking. Lori would usually do a quick session with her bag in the shower to 'freshen up' after. Nothing very heavy. From there we picked up double spiking (meaning I would fuck Lori up the ass and pussy simultaneously) with twin dildoes.


Lori loved the feeling of a dildo grinding in her ass while I pumped furiously from the front. At one point in our foreplay I slipped a banana up her ass. This drove Lori crazy. I had never seen her so hot before. In a frenzy she begged me to spike her with the banana still in ass. I did, of course. At first it was slow going getting that long dildo inside her butt.


Almost immediately I felt the head of the dildo hit the end of the banana. But Lori kept insisting I keep pushing it in. She crouched on her hands and knees while I slowly shoved that sucker in. Inch by inch it went, pushing that banana ahead of it, deeper and deeper inside Lori's rectum.


By the time I reached the end of the dildo, Lori was screaming for me to shove my strap-on cock into her drippy pussy. I fucked her long and hard all the while her letting out low animalistic growls. When she finally came she literally passed out.


Later her description of the cunt dildo rubbing against the hardness of the ass dildo combined with the fullness of the banana was the closest thing to ecstasy she had ever experienced. In the bathroom, it took several 'shorties' to rinse out all the mashed banana from her system. From then on, there was always a bunch of bananas on the bedstand. Almost day by day Lori was insisting I use more and more bananas in our love-making. She became a banana addict. She insisted it was the rectal fullness that made her orgasms so great. Lori's one banana up the ass soon became two, then three. Within a month, entire bunches were going up her pooper. Measured end to end, yards of the yellow fruit were going up inside. Our primary foreplay became the hours long sessions of my coaxing the penis shaped objects passed her rosebud. Between each banana were five minute breaks of abdominal massage where I manually coaxed them along Lori's intestinal tract.


Always impatient for the next one, I had to become the official decider over Lori's judgment of when she ready for the next banana. Needless to say, with every banana the size of her belly grew. From the slight puff of a single banana to the definite bulge of several to the outright bloat of a bunch. By the time she was ready to fuck, Lori was taking on a decidedly pregnant pooch. Once when I remarked over her change of form, she responded with "Well, at least I'm finally getting so shape to this bod."


The long anal dildo was soon replaced by a thick butt plug. We discovered the long suck and fuck sessions were literally liquefying at least fifty percent of the fruit. Each banana that went in seemed to increase Lori's sex drive geometrically and her stamina as well.


All it took to revive her and get her going again, was to remove the plug and cram in another banana to the mix and she'd be raring to go at it again. In addition she took to carrying her fruit 'around'. After loading up and before sex, Lori would march around the house or do a regime of stretching exercises. She claimed these exercises kept her from cramping, but I think they just accentuated the feeling of tightness in her gut as well forming more room inside for her to pack more bananas in.


It was not an unrare occurrence for her to suddenly find 'a little more room inside' during her cool down and slip in a few extras. Many times, we would play our favorite Jane Fonda tape and do our aerobics in the bedroom. Every time we came to an exercise that called for bending over or lifting a leg, I'd scoot a fruit up her butt. It became a game to see how far Lori could get before crying 'Uncle!' .


After sex, she would sometimes dress and go about the house with her 'special tummy', other times she would just lay there while I rubbed oil or lotion on it. As she grew more accustomed to it, she could stretch this out for hours, sometimes even to the point where she was ready for sex again. Whenever this happened I would merely load the new bananas on top of the old, which was easy because her butt would still be slick from the juice of the first ones, but difficult because she'd still be so full for the first bunch. But the feeling of her gut stretching even more made it more than worth the effort. The things she especially liked to dress up in were leotards and lingerie, anything that helped accentuated her belly.


Eventually, of course, she would have to a massive dump to empty her system followed by a series of enemas to clear herself of any remaining debris. In the beginning these clean-up enemas were small and quick. But as the bananas moved deeper into her system, the enemas had to follow. As with the foreplay, I so became the afterplay partner and enema specialist.


At first Lori hated the enemas because her ass was already so sore from the fucking plus bananas especially seemed to leave her butt raw. In addition her asshole would be so stretched it was difficult for her to hold very much fluid. The first thing I did was switch her from standing enemas in the shower to prone enemas on a towel on the floor.


This was moderately effective until I hit on the strategy of making the enemas as erotic as possible. By keeping the bathroom warm and starting with a slow massage Lori took the first step towards learning to really love enemas. Knowing her love of feeling 'stuffed to the hilt' I began to increase the volume of her enemas. Soon she could take a quart then two. She still had trouble retaining though. Her rectal muscles were usually to exhausted and her colon too irritated to keep the enemas in for long. I solved the first problem by purchasing a double nozzle from the local S&M shop.


With its twin balloons, Lori would have no choice but to hold whatever I gave her. When she saw it, Lori was eager to try it. She was 'stimulated' by the full feeling the inflated balloons gave her we were able to make slow progress to three quarts. With the balloons in place, Lori could retain during my onslaught of cunnilingus. I was definitely weaning her from her love of 'stuffed' to 'full'.


Despite her capacity for bananas, the fullness from enema is quite a different feeling. Water is much heavier and can penetrate much deeper into the body. Too much too fast and cramping can occur, too fast and too deep and a nausea- like feeling is the response. When done right a big enema results in a heavy, full, tight feeling. I decided to solve the second problem with a champagne enema.


I carefully prepared everything I did and hid it under the bathroom sink where we kept the enema bag. That night, I did my best with Lori. I meant I stuffed her mercilessly with fruit, fucked her long and hard and then I stuffed her again and fucked again. By the time she dragged herself into the bathroom she felt as close to bursting as had ever had.


When she yanked out plug out, her contents spilled from her in a torrent of lumpy ooze. As she sat atop the toilet her belly involuntarily heaving out the last of it, I laid out the fluffy, warm towel. I had left the heat on in the bathroom to make it extra comfortable. She protested that she didn't have enough strength left to enjoy herself. I told her she didn't need any and too just relax and trust me. After wiping she weakly hobbled over and lay down. Lori was so exhausted she just buried her head into the towel and didn't look up as I withdrew the equipment from underneath the sink. Had she looked up she would have seen that attached to the old familiar was a new four quart deluxe enema bag purchased from the same place as the nozzle and that the bag already contained a bottle of some very nice champagne. I filled the rest of the bag to the brim and hung it on the towel bar. Lori didn't move a muscle as I routinely lubed the nozzle and poke the first fluted balloon in.


I pumped both balloons until I had a nice snug fit. I then slowly dimmed the lights until they were off. Then I lay down beside, cuddling close. As I started my massage, Lori sighed in gratitude. "Because you're so tired, just one bag tonight, luv." Lori nodded her head, knowing two quarts wasn't going to be a problem. "Nice and slow." We both heard the click as I opened the clamp to the first stop. "No more than a trickle." Lori seemed half-asleep already. I just let her have it, long and slow like I promised.


I gently rubbed her belly, which just seemed to coax her deeper to sleep. I counted the minutes as the enema flowed inside. Feeling her belly gently swelling under my touch. Somewhere near the middle of the bag Lori's muscle grew tense from the pressure, but soon relaxed again. I felt her skin grow warm from the champagne laced solution. She must have taken at least three quarts by the time she stirred. "Feel full." she mumbled. "Good." I whispered back. "More?" "Maybe, after this one, honey." pretending to mis- understand her."This bag's not quite empty yet." I lead her hand up the hose to the bag and let her feel the remaining quart. "Oh..I'm so full already." "Just a little more, baby. Trust mama." I let her take it until the bag ran dry. By then Lori's gut was stretched tighter than a wineskin.


I moved my hands to her breasts and worked them until her nipples were hard. Unclipping her from the hose and ever so slowly rolled her on her back. Minimizing her belly's movement with my hands. I could almost heard the water move inside her. Taking only a monent to get my strap-on cock on. I eased myself into her cunt. It felt tight, no doubt from all the water pressure behind it. Cautiously I slow fucked Lori, trying to bring her around.


At a minute or two of thrusting I felt Lori's hands at my ass subtly urging me on. As I fucked harder , I felt Lori's pussy grow slicker with each thrust. I no time I was bopping her hard and heavy. With each thrust I could feel Lori's belly slosh back and forth echoing each of my strokes with several undulations like a bowl of jello. With careful timing I matched her stomach, building on each wave with another thrust, until her belly moved as a single mass alternately pulling and pushing insides.


When she finally came, it was darn near explosive. I prayed she wouldn't 'pop her cork'.


Afterwards, I dragged her up onto the commode and opened the dam. Lori drained completely and thoroughly in one long expulsion. After mopping up and put her to bed. In the morning she remember nothing of what transpired. I should have realized, even diluted as it was, an entire bottle of champagne was quite a bit for a girl such as Lori. All so knew was she had a good time and could we please do it all again tonight?


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