My Enema Story


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This part of my story happens some time after the part of my life Gnjay told you about. Jon Hold has agreed to tell you about this part of my life. I tried to contact Gnjay to seek approval in publishing this story, but couldn't get a reply. I hope I will be forgiven for using someone else's story to launch a story of my own, but "Enema Story" started some thinking inside of me that really needed/wanted to be expressed.


By the time I was a Senior in High School my sister and her girlfriend and Janet, my girlfriend had me well trained to take really large enemas, get dildo fucked and to eat their pussies whenever they told me too. They never had to force me or anything like that because I really enjoyed my enemas and having a dildo in my ass became a major pleasure for me. The girls appreciated how well I'd learned to eat pussy and gave me lots of opportunities to practice.


My parents were away on a business trip and Janet and I were doing our homework one night when my sister and her boyfriend came home from a late class at the college they were attending. Biff was the Quarterback for the College football team, and an awesome hunk of pure studly manhood. He and my sister planned on getting married and neither of them wanted to take any chances with disease so my sister went on the pill and Biff screwed her anytime he got horny, which was often.


My parents understood and let my sister "entertain" Biff in her bedroom. Lots of times I'd lay there at night and listen to Biff pork my sister and it sounded like he did a really good job of it. I was still a virgin as far as screwing went because none of the girls had given me permission to fuck them with my dick. That was okay with me though because they usually let me jack off all I wanted too. Listening to Biff and my sister though made me really want to see what it looked like when he put his thing in her.


I didn't care for Biff very much when he first started dating my sister. Jealous I guess. But we were all at a college party one night and some guys started picking on me because I was just in High School and because I was so small. Biff saw what was happening. He came over and put his arm around my shoulders and told the guys to lay off me. That just because I was small didn't mean squat.


That I was on the swimming team and the gymnastics team and was a hell of a lot better athlete than most of them. I didn't even know that Biff knew I was alive up to that point, he'd always been paying too much attention to my sister to even notice me. But here he was defending me, and he knew a lot about me. Ever since then Biff was sort of a hero to me and I looked forward to any time that he'd spend with me. I approved of Biff and the way he nailed my sister to the mattress and made here squeal. And, at least to myself, I admitted that it made me really horny imagining his dick in her pussy. Sometimes I even imagined that I could taste his sperm when I was eating her pussy and that would make me REALLY horny, especially if my sister was giving me an enema or using a dildo on my ass at the time.


Anyhow my sister came over and kissed me on the forehead and Janet on her cheek and asked us how we were doing. Janet told her that we were doing just fine so my sister went into the kitchen and got drinks for Biff and herself. They sat on the couch and talked for a while, kissing and touching each other a little bit from time to time. My sister suddenly said, "Oh, honey! I'm sorry. I got so busy today I completely forgot about your enema. Janet, did you give him one?"


"No. We've been so involved in this project I didn't even think of it!"


"Enema?" said Biff.


I was sort of embarrassed to have Biff know that my sister and girlfriend gave me enemas, but my sister just got up and came over to me. "Baby brother has a problem with constipation, so we have to give him enemas all the time." I blushed bright red, embarrassed that my sister would tell Biff such a personal thing about me. Smiling at me, my sister drove the nail home. "Since you're going to be his brother-in-law, maybe you should learn how we give him his enemas."


I was really embarrassed now, but really turned on too, thinking that Biff might see me getting an enema from my sister and girlfriend. Biff just said, "Naw. I don't want to embarrass the kid."


Janet looked at me and said, "You tell Biff, that it's okay for him to watch you get your enema. He's going to be your brother-in-law and he should know about these things."


I bowed my head and looked down at the carpet, but did as I was told. "It's okay Biff. You can watch me get my enema if you want too."


Biff got up off the couch and came over to me. He put one hand on my shoulder and lifted my chin with his other hand. "You really mean that, Little Brother."


Wow! I got a hard-on as soon as Biff touched me. He wasn't disgusted or ashamed of me at all. He really wanted to see me get my enema. He even called me "Little Brother", which made me even more excited than anything had for a long time. This guy I respected so much was treating me just like I'd always imagined a big brother would, and I would have done anything for him at that point. Without thinking about how stupid it would sound, I blurted out, "I don't mind Biff. I want you to be my big brother and you should know about my enemas."


I blushed really red when I realized what I'd said but Biff just leaned down and kissed me on the forehead and then put his arm around my shoulder and asked, "Where are we going to do this?"


I looked at my sister and asked, "In my bedroom?"


My sister smiled and nodded to me. Biff grinned and swatted me on the butt, "Lead on McDuff!" he laughed. I scampered up the stairs with Biff right behind me. The girls followed more decorously. Biff was admiring the stuff in my room when the girls came in. Janet went into my bathroom to get my enema things and my sister told me to get ready for my enema. I started getting undressed. I was sort of embarrassed taking my clothes off in front of Biff, mostly because I still had a hard-on, but Biff didn't take his eyes off me as I stripped and I admit that his watching me so closely really turned me on. Once I got completely naked Biff stepped over to me and, acting like my hard-on didn't matter at all, put one hand on my belly and ran his other hand down across my back and over my ass. "Man! You are really built! You're going to have to show me your work-out routine some time."


My sister looked at me disapprovingly and said, "If daddy were here you know he'd give you a spanking for forgetting to remind Janet and me to give you your enema."


Biff frowned down at me, "Is that true? Were you supposed to remind them?"


Before I could say anything Janet broke in with, "Yes. It's his responsibility to remind us and he's been a very bad boy. Maybe you should give him his spanking before we give him his enema, Biff. It's going to be nice having some male help with this boy."


"Yes, Biff," my sister said, "I think that's an excellent idea. Why don't you give my brother his spanking for us."


I think Biff was sort of excited by the idea of giving me a spanking, at least his hand kept caressing my butt as he thought about spanking me. "It's okay, Biff. I'd rather get the spanking over with now and I don't mind getting a spanking from you at all."


"I spank pretty hard, Buddy."


He called me "Buddy." I was willing to go along with anything he wanted at this point. "That's okay, Biff. Sometimes I need a hard spanking."


My sister laughed a little, not mean, just amused. "My brother likes just about anything you can do to his butt. Sometimes I think he does stuff wrong on purpose just so that our dad will give him a spanking."


"Is that true?" Biff asked me.


Ashamed to tell the truth, but unwilling to lie to Biff, I just hung my head and nodded.


He lifted my chin again, "Hey, it's okay, Little Buddy. Sometimes guys just need some discipline, and I'm just the guy to give you want you need." He took my hand and led me over to my bed just like I was a little boy. I followed him docilely. Biff sat down on my bed and pointed down across his lap. I laid down across his hard thighs, making sure to stay far enough back that my hard-on didn't touch him. Biff just put his hand between my legs and pushed my erection up against my belly as he lifted me securely up on his lap. I just about died of embarrassment, but Biff acted like touching me between the legs was the most natural thing in the world and I admit that it felt wonderful. Biff rubbed my butt and said, "You ready for this?"


I took hold of his ankle with my hands and nodded, "Yes, Sir. I'm ready, Sir."


"That's a good boy. You tell me when you've had enough or if I spank too hard, okay?"


I nodded again and said, "Yes, Sir."


What followed was the best spanking I'd ever had. Biff started out easy, testing my butt and my ability to take a good spanking. Before long he was really working my ass over. Letting himself go and really whacking my ass with that big hand of his. My dad's hands were really soft from all the office work he did, but Biff's hands were calloused and hard and felt much better on my ass. I could tell he was enjoying what he was doing at least as much as I was because I could feel something besides his legs pushing into my belly as he spanked me. It really hurt, and I was crying like crazy, but I couldn't believe how good it felt too. Biff was really in control of me and doing exactly what he wanted to do. He eagerly spanked my ass until it was much redder than my father had ever been able to make it. I was just getting ready to beg him to stop when he just let his hand rest on my ass, feeling its heat radiating up through the hand that had caused all that heat. "I think that's enough for right now, Little Brother." he said. "You going to remember to remind us when it's time for your enemas from now on?"


"Our enemas" he'd said! Like he wanted to be there for more of my enemas. I was stunned, and so proud that he'd stopped before I'd had to beg him to stop, and that he wanted to do this with me even more. "Yes, Sir. I'll remember, Sir."


He swatted my butt, more a buddy swat than any kind of punishment. "Okay. See that you do or I'll have to give you even more next time." I made a mental note to make sure that Biff always had a reason to spank me any time he felt like it. Later I told my sister that I wanted Biff to give me all my spankings from now on and she gave me a big hug and said she was glad about that because she liked the way Biff spanked me too. Biff gave me a lot of spankings after that, but never when he was mad and he always seemed to know when I'd had absolutely as much as I could take without begging him to stop. Knowing that he was always so aware made it easy for me to trust him and to let him go even further with his spankings until he could spank me so hard that very few grown men could take what he gave me. And he always thanked me for being a good boy when he was done. As much as I respected Biff, I think I truly fell in love with him that afternoon.


Biff was still holding me across his lap when my sister came over and pushed my legs apart so she could start lubricating my hole for the enema it was about to get. "Hold him just like that, Biff." she said. "This is a perfect position for him to get his enema in."


Biff put his hand on the small of my back and leaned to the side to see what my sister was doing. "What are you doing now?" he asked.


I felt one, and then two of her slender fingers enter me. "I'm lubricating him so the enema tube will go in without hurting him and so he won't get chapped from all the water."


"Oh." he said. "What's that you're using?"


"It's Aboline. It's really slick and seems to be better for him than just Vasaline. Your fingers are a lot longer than mine. You want to put some of this way up inside of him for me?"


"Sure." Biff said. I looked over my shoulder and saw him scoop some Aboline out of the jar with two fingers. My sister took her fingers out of me and pulled my butt cheeks apart. I felt Biff push both of his much larger fingers up inside of me. I arched my back up and almost silently screamed high up in the back of my throat. Biff put his free hand on the small of my back to help me stay in place as he showed me how wonderfully he could finger-fuck my sensitive anus. His fingers were not only bigger around, but much longer than the girl's fingers. And Biff seemed to know exactly what would feel the best to me.


Exactly how much pressure to use and exactly how fast to move. Biff soon had me begging him to use my ass any way he wanted to, to please, please finger fuck me as long as he wanted to. Biff talked to me and told me what a good boy I was being and how wonderful I felt inside, all velvety and soft but strong and resilient at the same time. How much he respected me for telling him what I needed and wanted and for helping him to learn how to finger-fuck a boy. I just spread my legs even further for Biff and worked my ass against his probing fingers as good as I could. Biff worked a third finger into me and really gave my hole a working over. I was begging him to be careful because I was so close to cumming.


Biff responded by pulling his fingers out of me and then taking my testicles into his big hand. As my sister pushed the big nozzle for me enema up inside me, Biff squeezed my balls in his fist -- hard. I arched up completely again and moaned from the pressure on my balls, all thought of orgasming forgotten for the moment. I heard my sister tell Biff to hold me like that and then the 'Click' as she released the water so it could flow inside of me. As soon as the water was flowing good my sister started fucking my ass with the nozzle.


I moaned and moved around in time with the fucking I was getting. Biff reached under me with his other hand and felt my hard tummy and then started groping my tender erection. Biff started telling my sister all about the effect she was having on me by fucking my ass. About how hard I was and how I was leaking sex juice and how he was having to squeeze my balls all the time to keep me from cumming because the kept pulling up like I was going to cum.


My sister told Biff he was doing the right thing because I wasn't allowed to cum until she told me I could and how, if I came without permission, Biff would have to give me a real spanking instead of the gentle spanking I'd just gotten. I couldn't imagine getting spanked any harder than Biff had just spanked me, so I did everything I could to enjoy myself -- but not cum. And Biff really helped me by knowing exactly when and how hard to squeeze my nuts. And he kept talking to both me, telling me what a good boy I was being, and to Sis, telling her what a good job she was doing on me and how it was affecting me and how much I was enjoying what she was doing to me. My sister told Biff all about how I'd always been a good boy about taking my enemas and how I had learned to enjoy them and having the nozzle in my butt. She also told Biff about what a good cunt eater I'd became, which really embarrassed me until Biff slapped me on the back and congratulated me, which made me feel very proud.


My sister finally took the nozzle out of me and explained to Biff that I needed to lay quietly and relax so the water could do its work. Biff just moved back on my bed so that he could lean against the wall and kept holding me on his lap. His moving back enabled me to put my lower legs across my sisters lap and to rest my chest and head on my mattress. My midsection was still on Biff's lap and he absentmindedly stroked my back with one hand and let his other hand wander all over my ass and down between my legs, feeling of my balls and pecker to test how hard it was and when it started to relax and soften a bit. Janet, Biff and my sister talked about school and a party that was coming up and all sorts of stuff and I just laid there letting the water gurgle around inside of me and enjoying the way Biff was touching me.


Janet finally said that it was time for me to go to the bathroom. Reluctantly, I got up off of Biff's lap, but to my surprise he got up right after me and took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom. This really embarrassed me because I knew that I was going to be pouring out water and farting a lot and making other noises. But Biff never gave me a choice and just led me into the bathroom by the hand like he was my big brother and I was too small to go potty by myself. Biff left the bathroom door open so that the girls could hear what I was doing or even look in if they wanted to and once we got in by the toilet he actually lifted me up and sat me down on the toilet seat like I couldn't do it myself. I was really embarrassed, and yet had to admit to myself that Biff was making me feel very important and special.


Biff leaned over and rubbed his hand over my swollen tummy. "She really filled you up, didn't she."


I just smiled and nodded, happy that Biff seemed to like the way my belly stuck out when I had a big enema inside of me.


From close range Biff looked into my face and, very concerned, said,


"What's the matter? Can't you go?"


In what came out as a little-boy sounding voice, I said, "You haven't said that it was okay for me to go yet, Biff."


"O' baby," Biff said in apology, "I'm sorry." He leaned forward and kissed me, right on the lips. I almost passed out and the next thing I knew Biff had his tongue in my mouth and was sucking at my mouth and moving his tongue around and making me crazy with lust. My dick came up full hard again and caught under the toilet seat. I put my arms up around Biff's neck and kissed him back as good as I could.


Biff pulled his lips back and said in the same soft voice, "Of course you can go, baby. Go ahead and let that stuff come out. I know it's got to be hurting you.":


I was cramping sort of bad, trying to hold the enema in while sitting on the toilet, but I was embarrassed and hung my head. "With you here?" I almost cried.


Biff stroked down my back with one hand and rubbed his other hand over my tummy. He pushed on my tummy a little bit and said, in that same soft, concerned, wonderfully deep voice, "Of course with me here. We're brothers, aren't we?"


With tears in my eyes I looked up at Biff and tried to let my look tell him how much I really wanted to be his real little brother. The water started coming out of me and all Biff did was push on my tummy a little harder and cover my lips with his again, kissing me even more wonderfully than he had before.


Some time later Biff broke off the kiss and asked me, "Is that all?"


I pushed down and realized that I was completely empty. Biff had kissed me so good that I hadn't even noticed that I was emptying myself. I grinned and said, "Yeah, I guess so... Big Brother."


Biff reached behind me and flushed the toilet like I was a little boy who might not remember to do that. Then he pulled off some toilet paper and leaned me forward. I had to hold onto his thigh to keep from falling over. His thigh muscles felt like an iron pole and I could feel the soft tube of his cock against my shoulder and the side of my face. More than anything I wanted to turn my head and kiss Biff's cock, even if it was just through his pants, to let him know how I felt about him -- but I just held on and gloried in how neat it felt to be leaning against his fat cock, the one he used to fuck my sister, while he carefully wiped my ass clean. I think it was the hardest thing I'd ever done up to that time to keep from cumming from the stimulation Biff was giving me through his careful cleaning of my ass, the way he was holding me against him, and his natural acceptance of my touching the most intimate part of his body, just like brothers might do.


Biff lifted me off the toilet seat and set me on my feet. My knees almost buckled, and Biff grabbed me, "You Okay?"


Kind of shaky in the voice, I said, "Yeah. I'll be fine."


Biff looked me over and said, "Yeah, sure!" Then he lifted me up and put me on his hip. I automatically put my legs around him as he laughed and kissed me on the end of my nose. Biff carried me into my bedroom. The girls were standing, talking to each other about something and I hardly noticed that they had both undressed and were completely naked. Biff noticed right away though and sat me down on the bed. "Do we have more to do for our boy?" he asked.


My sister and Janet explained to Biff the different enemas I was going to have to have as he, with the good manners of a cat, undressed himself to match the ladies. My sister and Janet both agreed that having me across Biff's lap was the best way they'd ever given me an enema and, when asked, I agreed that it was the most comfortable and effective enema I'd ever gotten. Janet and my sister both told Biff that any time he'd like to help with my enemas he'd be perfectly welcome. Biff asked me what I thought of that and I blushed bright red, but told him I'd really like it anytime he could help me with my enemas. Biff smiled at me and then sat down beside me on my bed and put his arm around my shoulder and, right in front of the girls, kissed my forehead.


My sister hugged Biff and said, "You really do love him, don't you."


Biff kissed her, right on the bellybutton, and said, "Yes. I've always wanted a little brother, and your brother is so perfect it almost scares me. I really want him to feel like my little brother and to treat me like I was his big brother." He looked at me and grinned that devil-may-care grin he got just before doing something he knew was going to cause a ruckus. "Do you think we should tell him our plans, *Sis*?"


My sister laughed and punched him in the shoulder, but from then on Biff always called my sister "Sis", just like I did. Sometimes I'd call her "Big Sister" and he'd call her "Little Sister", but she was always "Sis" to both of us from then on. Sis looked seriously at Biff for a minute and then said, "Yeah. I think that now is a good time to tell him. Since you two want to be brothers so bad, why don't you tell him?"


Biff just nodded and turned to me. "Is she right? Do you really want to be my brother. My little brother who I can love and take care of just like I want to love and take care of your sister?"


I threw my arms around Biff's chest and hugged him as tightly as I could, shedding tears and scrubbing my face against the broad plates of his chest. Biff just tightened his arm around me and waited for me to calm down. I finely got my emotions under control, or mostly under control anyway, and looked up into Biff's beautiful eyes. "Yes, Biff. I want you to be my brother, to be you little brother more than anything ever."


Biff smiled at me and bent over and put his lips to mine, giving me one of his full mouth, tongue sucking, throat washing, soul stirring kisses. I knew the girls were watching and I didn't care. I kissed Biff back as good as I could. I hugged and kissed him as hard as possible until he finally broke off our kiss with a last little peck to my forehead.


My sister stared at both of us and then smiled a soft and loving smile. Putting her hands to the back of our heads, she said, "My brothers," and guided our mouths to her nipples. My sister had let me suck on her nipples a couple of times and knew how much I loved to do that, and I thought it was about the best thing ever, but Biff seemed to go a little crazy, really sucking and working over her nipple like it was the most important thing in the world. My sister saw me watching him as I sucked and told me, "You watch Biff, Little Brother. And learn from him. He loves titties and sucks on them better than anyone I've ever heard of."


Sis soon took her titties back from us, both of us complaining that she was too fast, but she just told Biff that it was time he told me their plans.


Biff gave me a hug. "You know your sister and I are planning on getting married, don't you?" I nodded 'Yes'. "Well, Sis graduates from the veterinary assistants program this year and she's already got a job. I've been accepted to the Veterinarian's course at the University. We really don't want to wait to get married so my parents have agreed to give me my grandparents old farm as a wedding present and your parents have agreed to help us with tuition and stuff until I graduate. Doc Mac wants to retire and has agreed to sell me his practice when I graduate. Sis will know the practice really well by then and Doc Mac has told us that we can pay him as we earn money from the practice."


I hugged Biff and Sis and said, "That's wonderful. I'm so happy for you guys!"


Biff smiled at me and shook his head. "There's some problems though."


Crestfallen, I looked first at my sister and then at Biff. "Oh, no. That sounds so perfect for you. What's wrong?"


Biff looked at me, carefully, and then said, "Sis and I just can't figure out how to take care of the farm, work and attend school at the same time and get everything done. And your parents would like to do some traveling and visit old friends... So... They've said, that if you agree, you can come live with Sis and me while you finish school. Would you do that for us? Or at least think it over? Please."


I just stared at them in shock for a minute and then burst into tears, burying my face between them. The hair on Biff's chest sticking to one side of my face and the hair on Sis's pussy sticking to the other side of my face. I finally calmed down enough to think. I pulled back and, my face covered in tears, turned to look at Janet. "But, what about Janet?" I asked.


Sis said, "Janet will be welcome at our house anytime she wants to come visit, of course. And if you two decide to get married, there's plenty of room in that old farmhouse and we can all live together if you want too, or we'll help you find a place of your own."


I turned back to Janet. Imploring her, I asked, "Janet? What do you think?"


Janet just smiled and walked over to me and gave me a kiss. Very chaste compared to the kiss Biff had just given me in front of her, but my dick got even harder than it had been just from that little kiss. "Whatever you decide to do is just fine with me 'Little Brother'. But if you decide to live with Biff and big sister, I'd love that very much."


Much to my chagrin, I burst out into tears again. But I just couldn't hold in the feelings. I wrapped myself around Biff and, held to him by both girls, begged him to please let me live with them and that I wouldn't be any trouble at all and that I'd do everything I was told to do and that I'd always obey both him and Sis if he'd just please, please, please let me live with them.


The girls finally moved back and Biff pulled my head back from his chest. Looking right into my eyes, he said, "It's settled then. You're my little brother and you're going to be living with Sis and me when we get married." I buried my face in Biff's wonderful chest hair again and he just held me and stroked my back as he talked to the girls. He thought I'd been through a lot and was pretty exhausted and maybe they should just put me to bed rather than finish my enema. Sis finally settled it by asking me what I wanted to do. I admitted that I wanted them to finish my enema, but asked if they could put me to bed right afterwards.


Sis said that would be just fine and told me to lay down across Biff's lap again. Biff spread his legs a little bit to give me more lap to get comfortable on. I laid down and was quickly very comfortable. Sis, assisted by Biff, lubricated my butt again and I felt Biff's cock lift up and start throbbing tightly against my belly. Biff didn't seem to pay any special attention to that, but just let his erection touch me like it was perfectly normal and happened all the time. I thought it felt wonderful and as I moved around in response to what they were doing to my butt, I tried to make sure that my belly rubbed against Biff's erection to keep it as happy as possible. Biff seemed to appreciate my efforts and worked his fingers even more deeply into me.


Janet came over with one of my dildo's, all lubricated and ready to go. Sis explained to Biff how my next enema was with castile soap and, to make sure that it didn't chap my ass or hurt me in any way, how they used the dildo to work the lubricant up inside of me further than their fingers would reach. She also told Biff about how she and Janet would sometimes fuck me with the dildo for a long time because I liked it so much. Sis reached under my belly and felt the slickness Biff had already slimed all over the both of us.


"You know," Sis said, "Little Brother has never really liked these fake dongs all that much. I wonder if he'd like this live one better?"


Now, Sis wasn't being entirely truthful, because I'd never said a word about not liking rubber dongs -- mostly because I didn't have anything to compare them against. At least, not until now. But I could see where Sis was headed, and kept my mouth shut.


Biff worked a pair of fingers around in my asshole and I could feel his cock pushing even harder into me. "What do you think Little Brother? Do you want me to finish lubricating you with my willie?


My face flamed red -- in both embarrassment and desire -- and I buried my face in the bedcover, totally unable to answer Biff.


Biff hooked his fingers deep up inside of me and asked, "Which would you prefer, Little Brother?"


I still couldn't answer Biff, but Janet pulled my face out of the covers and gave me a kiss and then whispered in my ear, "Your big brother is asking you a question, Darling. You better answer him before he retracts his offer."


Gathering my courage, I finally managed to gulp and then stutter out, "Yes. Please, Biff. If you really don't mind I'd really like it if you would use your cock to lubricate me instead of the dildo."


Biff hooked his fingers up inside of me again, bringing out another deep- seated moan from me as he said, "No problem, Little Brother. It'll be my pleasure." Little did Biff, or me for that matter, realize just how much pleasure he and I would experience from his lubricating my ass. I'd never really been fucked before, and Biff had never fucked a boy before, so we both had some learning to do.


The girls helped me up off of Biff's lap and arranged me laying over the end of my bed with my knees almost touching the ground. I lay there, exposed and waiting while the girls showed Biff how to mix up the soap mixture that they were going to use to wash me out. Then my sister made sure Biff put plenty of lubrication on himself and Janet used the dildo to show him how they opened me up. Biff moved around behind me and Janet removed the dildo from my ass and guided Biff's cock into position to fuck me, the heat from his organ penetrating my ass muscles and getting me really excited. I'd never felt anything like this from a dildo before and I definitely wanted more!


"Are you sure about this, Little Brother. Do you want me to lubricate you this way."


So excited and embarrassed that I couldn't possibly talk, I hooked my toes into the carpet and lifted my ass up until the nose of Biff's cock was pushed inside of me. Just the nose of the head of his dick had me opened up as far as any of the dildo's had opened me and the rest of the flared head was still outside of me. The heat of Biff's cockhead inside of me and pushing against the ring of my asshole made me moan and push up even harder against him trying to get more of him inside of me.


"Go ahead, Biff." my sister said. "Don't tease him, you can see how bad he wants you inside of him. Go ahead! Pop his cherry like you popped mine!"


In push-up position, Biff lowered himself down onto my back and licked the back and side of my neck and then nibbled at my ear and stuck the tip of his tongue right into my ear. "You ready, Babe? You want me to finish popping your cherry?" His deep voice rumbled into my ear.


I whispered back to him, the urgency clear in my voice, "Yes, please, Biff. Pop my cherry and fuck my ass good and hard. The girls don't really know how to make me feel the way you're making me feel."


I felt Biff's cock swell up in response and Biff ran his tongue up inside both of my nostrils and all over my lips before he finally stuck it in my mouth and held it there so I could bite down on it if he hurt me too badly. I refused to bite down the entire time he carefully and firmly worked his cock completely up inside of me. He was so much longer and fatter than any of my dildo's that I was surprised at how well I was able to take Biff inside of me. My hole opened and opened and stretched and stretched to fit around Biff's fantastic cock. The feeling of Biff entering me was mind- blasting. It felt like I could feel every bit of his cock as it worked it's way up inside of me. The heat kept spreading and spreading and when I felt Biff's cock bush grinding into my ass and his cock wiggling around inside of me I cried out, "No, Biff! Please stop! I'm about to cum, Biff! I'm about to cum!!!"


Biff spread my legs completely apart with his knees and laid his full weight on my back as he drove his cock as far up inside of me as he could get it and pulled his tongue out of my mouth. "Go ahead. Cum if you have to, Little Brother of the hot tight strong asshole. Shoot your cum while I'm fucking your ass!"


I responded immediately by blasting madly into the covers underneath of me. Biff started fucking my ass in time with my spasms, not really tearing my asshole up, but just moving around inside of his own plentiful skin as he gave my guts a royal pumping. Once my orgasm subsided Biff started giving me a serious, get down and work this asshole over buttfucking. Without pausing after my orgasm to pass out the way I felt I wanted to, I rode right along with Biff, doing everything I could imagine to help the both of us have the very best fuck possible. I was amazed at how Biff seemed to know exactly what I wanted and needed and how good he was at fucking. I couldn't imagine anyone ever being able to fuck any better than Biff could and for the first time in my life was envious of my sister. It sort of amazed me, but I really didn't mind that the girls were watching me get fucked like this, even looking around to make sure they *were* watching.


Biff fucked me for a good ten minutes, maybe fifteen, making sure to penetrate me as far as he could in every possible direction. By the time he started to swell up and start taking short hard strokes to finish up, Biff had my guts totally loose with my asshole slurping and sucking and making all sorts of liquid sounds. I'd been having a bunch of mini-orgasms deep inside of me the whole time Biff was fucking me, but when he slammed hard up against my ass and I felt him splattering my insides with his hot cum I started cumming all over my bedspread again as I clenched my ass and tried to suck every bit of Biff's cum out of him. Biff laid his entire weight on my back for a couple of minutes as he cooled off, caught his breath and finished draining his gonads into me.


When Biff finally got up off of my back and carefully slid his now soft cock out of my ass both of the girls felt of my asshole and agreed that this was the most open and loose it had ever been. They told Biff that he had done a wonderful job and that I'd never been so well lubricated. Biff stuck his fingers up inside of me and agreed that I was nice and slick and open now. He went over and sat back down on the bed and the girls helped me move back over across his lap and got me nicely arranged to take my soap enema.


Biff held my ass cheeks apart and the girls easily slid the nozzle up inside of me. All three of them took turns feeling all over my ass and butt- fucking me with the nozzle as the warm soapy water ran into me. Biff held my butt closed with one big hand holding my buttcheeks together while the girls got the second two quarts of my soapy enema ready. He talked to me about my work-out routine while we waited as if holding me naked on his lap with my guts full of soapy water was the most natural thing ever.


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