The Spanking



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"Yea? Well I think that's the stupidest fucking thing you've ever said!" The second it was out of Melissa's mouth she clapped her hands over her mouth and looked around. She and Phillip had gotten into such a heated argument that they'd totally forgotten that they were standing in the kitchen, about 20 feet away from their mother, who was finishing the dinner preparations.


Melissa loked behind her and paled when she met her mother's gaze. "Uh-oh," she whispered. "Uh oh is right," her mother Angela responded. "I don't know where you learned that kind of language, young lady, but we're going to clean it right out of you."


She grabbed Melissa's arm and led her upstairs to the children's bathroom. "I love you too much to let you have such a foul mouth, darling," Angela said calmly as she bent her daughter over the counter. Reaching for the hairbrush Melissa had left on the counter tha tmorning, Angela smacked it down against her daughter's clothed bottom a couple of times to make her point. She stopped only long enough to slide down the girl's khakis and underpants before continuing the spanking. Angela spanked her until Melissa's bottom was tinged with red before setting down the brush and opening the 'naughty drawer.' Melissa whimpered, guessing what was coming. Angie wet the toothbrush and squeezed some soap onto it, telling the 9 year old to "open wide!" When Melissa didn't move Angie gave her a smack on the thigh, and when Melissa cried out, startled, Angie stuck the brush into her open mouth, moving it around to thoroughly brush all the teeth with the nasty soap.


Angie grimaced but didn't struggle, watching as her mother picked up a washcloth and soaped it, then putting it into her mouth and carefully and thoroughly rubbing every inch of the sides, top and bottom of her mouth, and then the tongue. Angela set the timer for two minutes, and when it went off, let her grateful daughter spit out the soap. Melissa was crying and promising to be good.


Angie shook her head. "I'm sorry, baby. A foul mouth shows a foul person, and I won't have that. I'm going to give you a good cleansing. This isn't a punishment, darling. Your spanking is the punishment. This is just to clean you out and help you be clean and good inside."


Melissa watched, crying, as Angie set up the enema and sat down on the toilet "Let's go," her mother said. "You know what to do." Still crying, Angie lay across her mother's lap with her legs as far apart as she could spread them, knowing that if she didn't, she'd get her thighs smacked witht he brush again. She began to sob as she felt her mothers hand spreading her bottom cheeks wide open and then sliding the horrid nozzle in.


Melissa let out a cry as the soapy solution began filling her insides. "My tummy!" she sobbed. "Please no, Mommy! I'll never swear again!"


Angie remained firm. "You clearly need a cleansing, baby girl. I should have been better about keeping up with them." She rubbed Melissa's back. "It's not a punishment, sweetheart. It's for your own good," she said reassuringly as she forced more liquid into her child's bottom. Melissa was sobbing and squirming and Angie gave her a hard smack. "Stay still, Melissa, or I'll have to spank you again, and I know you don't want that."


"No, Mommy," the sobbing child agreed, trying her hardest to keep still but finally kicking her legs and twisting in desperation. Angela sighed.


"There, all done," she said, as she forced the last of the enema into Melissa. "But you've earned a spanking, my dear," she said, removing the nozzle and shifting the child a bit so that her bottom stuck up even higher. Reacing for the hairbrush, Angela spanked her until there wasn't an inch of white on any part of Melissa's bottom and thighs. "Now you keep holding that, Melissa darling," Angela said, setting the timer for another two minutes and giving Melissa another two dozen spanks before letting her up to sit on the toilet.


"Now no more bad words, dear," Angie said as Melissa sobbed and squirmed on the cold toilet seat, desperate to expel all the poison from within her bowels.


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