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Enema Stories and Experiences

Enema Story Author

My Introduction to Anal Eroticism

by Anna Peppers

I am a 43 year old female anal erotic. This is a journaling of my introduction into the world of anal eroticism... Read this story

Picture of Girl by Robin Jackson

We had made arrangements to meet when I was traveling through. We both agreed that no sex would occur, we would honor our commitments to our mates, however we would enjoy an enema session together... Read this story

The Spanking

'When Melissa didn't move Angie gave her a smack on the thigh, and when Melissa cried out, startled, Angie stuck the brush into her open mouth, moving it around to thoroughly brush all the teeth with the nasty soap... Read this story

Playing With Helen

John entered the darkened room and glanced down at her. Helen's womanly bottom looked so erotically enticing, thrust high in the air propped up by the pillows beneath her hips... Read this story

Found Out

He had the house to himself and was taking advantage of the peace and solitude to indulge his secret passion. He was taking in a high volume hot water enema. The first bag was half emptied and the pitcher of steamy water for the second was near at hand.... Read this story

The Online Connection

slowly, I kissed and caressed her supple body, this blonde hired blue eyed beauty that wanted me to make all kinds of passionate love to her. Slowly I started to kiss all over her body and she was caressing my cock and balls intently... Read this story

My Enema Story

By the time I was a Senior in High School my sister and her girlfriend and Janet, my girlfriend had me well trained to take really large enemas, get dildo fucked and to eat their pussies whenever they told me too. They never had to force me or anything like that because I really enjoyed my enemas and having a dildo in my ass became a major pleasure for me... Read this story

Sorority Punishment Enemas

At the end of the hour they removed the nozzle and told her that she would have to expel the entire enema upside down. She began to spray the enema water forcefully from her ass. After a while, however, she could not force the enema out... Read this story

Playing with Lori

As I fucked harder , I felt Lori's pussy grow slicker with each thrust. I no time I was bopping her hard and heavy. With each thrust I could feel Lori's belly slosh back and forth echoing each of my strokes with several undulations like a bowl of jello... Read this story

The Freshman

Then Mat told me that the doctor was going to put a foley up mu cock and control my piss---he was also going to give me an enema using a hose -- it was bad enough to be bound and played with, with who knew how amy people watching, but the control he was taking over my body was humiliating... Read this story



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