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Many people have asked me what sort of enema bag I have used, and which ones I recommend. There is a great variety of enema equipment out there I have tried, and some of them have turned out to be disappointing, to say the least. I decided to write this objective recommendation of some enema bags I have tried which have been great for me.


The Flowmaster Enema System


A few years ago, I tried many different kinds of enema kids such as syringes, and fleet enemas. I also bought a few expensive enema kits online. Some of my main complaints were that they were not durable, and just simply stopped working after just a few months.


I bought The Flowmaster Enema Kit earlier last year with low expectations. I bought this enema bag because I wanted to clean my colon to detoxify my system, as well as cleaning my anus prior to anal sex. After using it for more than a year, I am glad to say I am very pleased with the FlowMaster Enema/Cleansing System.


The enema bag is a 3 quart enema bag that can also be used as a hot water bottle.


- The system comes with a 6' Flowmaster Pump Fluid Delivery System
- 4 feet of amber hose
- Also comes with a syringe bulb, a flexible nozzle, and a white multi-position clamp.


What I like about the Flowmaster is that it pushes a lot more water into your rectum than most normal enema kits. It fills the nooks and cracks of your colon to ensure a thorough cleanse.


If you're using enemas to relieve constipation, the Flowmaster has also helped relieved me of severe bloating and constipation many times. It's pretty flexible in that I can use it for many things such as:


- cleansing
- alleviating constipation
- cleaning my anus prior to anal sex


Although the kit comes with a lot of things, they give you a nice helpful booklet with detailed instructions on how to give yourself an enema.


Whether you're using enemas prior to sex, or for cleansing the bowels, I would recommend The Flowmaster Enema System


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