What is Klismaphilia?



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Klismaphilia is a relatively "cult-like" fetish, and isn't talked about much.


What is Klismaphilia, first off? Well, it's simply the desire of getting pleasure and satisfaction from enemas. As you know, there are two main purposes of enemas: cleansing and for personal satisfaction. Klismaphiliacs use enemas mostly for the latter purpose and use it frequently. Klismaphilia was the term used to described this desire, and was coined in the late 1970's. Since then, this fetish has been described in books, films, etc.


So, is klismaphilia a disorder? Well, since klismaphilia is often described as a type of paraphilia, officially it is. People who give enemas to themselves do so to relieve frustration. They use it to fulfill their fantasy. They abuse it and use it because of personal problems in their lives. They experience guilt, have financial problems, and usually lead disruptive lives.


Of course, this type of satisfaction (an*l s*x) has its own taboo as well. In the past, it was considered bizarre, weird, and unacceptable. Nowadays, it's normal, right?


Klismaphilia is very common in women, but some males do have this fetish as well. Using enemas for satisfactory purposes are often discovered at an early age, because our rectum has so many nerve endings. If you think about it, an enema fits all the requirements for personal an*l satisfaction. The inserting of the enema nozzle stimulates the sphincter and the muscles surrounding the rectum. When you use an enema solution, it also stimulates the receptors along the colon walls.


As females probably know, this type of stimulation of the rectum and colon can provide the same sort of stimulation as regular sesual acts. The pressure caused by filling your rectum with various enema solutions can mimick regular inter-course.


The same applies for males. Filling your rectum with an enema solution will cause pressure on the prostrate muscles, and stimulate the receptors along the rectum walls. However, the satisfaction is not as strong in males as they are in females. That may be why enemas are more popular among women.


But back to the topic... is it weird to enjoy giving yourself an enema? Not everyone enjoys it, right? These types of questions can cause angst in those who derive satisfaction from giving themself an enema. However, I want to relieve those feelings. An enema is harmless, as long as you don't abuse it. This means if you use it every 3-4 days, that's fine. Even if it's used for purposes other than health or cleansing. It's taboo, but you enjoy using it, right? Don't let anyone take away that satisfaction from you.


Just simply think of the experience as a safe alternative to doing it. If you keep using enemas for satisfaction, you will eventually become desensitized to it, and the novelty will wear off. In the meantime, don't feel ashamed at all. Enjoy the enema experience!


Where can I get an enema bag/kit?


There are many places to get enema bags, but not many have that much variety. I'd highly recommend getting a kit or bag from Extreme Restraints as they specialize in enema kits for satisfaction (less focused on cleansing).


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