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If this is the first time giving an enema, you might have read some of the instructions on various websites and said - What?! It can difficult explaining to someone using words how to do an enema, but I will try my best. It takes practices and many trials to be an enema expert, and my best advice is to find a mentor - someone who has given an enema before. Ask him/her for advice. If you're in the tri-state region, I am also available to teach you. Simply email me for hourly rates.





For beginners, I recommend using a 2-3 quart enema bag. You may opt to get a 4 quart enema bag, but only if you are an expert.


- A reusable enema bag, preferably 2-3 quarts
- A nozzle
- A good lubricant such as Super Salve Lubricant.
- Tap water (When you're more advanced and experienced, you can replace this with your own solution. Some alternatives include: coffee, salt water, probiotics and water, water and yogurt, Epsom salts, castor oil, and herbal tea. There are tons of recipes out there. But for now, stick to regular tap water)


Some people buy the enema bag and nozzle separately. Others buy an enema kit that comes with almost everything: enema bag, nozzle, lubricant, and solutions. If you're a beginner, you would be best suited to buy an enema kit w/ everything since it is more convenient. One of the better enema kits that are used for all purposes is The Flowmaster Enema Kit, available in The Optimal Health Network. and Extreme Restraints are also good sources. The latter is especially recommended if you're just using enemas for erotic/punishment purposes.




There are many different positions for giving or taking an enema. No one position fits all, so I suggest you experiment with all of them and see which works best for you.


- Lying On Your Left Side:
You basically lie on your left side. Bend your right upper leg towards your chest, making sure you keep it straight.


- Knee Chest:
Keep your head down, keeping your anus high in the air. Great for those looking for satisfaction.


- Lying On Your Back:
With your knees bent, lie on your back. Keep your knees touching together, but keep your feet apart.


- Over the Knee:
This is personally my favorite enema position. You will need a partner for this. Simply lie across his/her lap, putting your stomach between his/her legs.


For the beginner, you should stick with either a 2 or 3-quart enema bag. With this many quarts, enough water should flush out your colon. Your enema bag should contain some good tubing with an excellent clamp so that you can stop the water from flowing.


In addition, a great tip is important to a good enema experience. The tip can either be a thin surgical tubing or some type of special plastic. It should always be washed after every enema, so that you can reuse it.


If you want to use a lubricator, I highly recommend Super Salve Lubricant. If you want disinfect the tip, you can use Betadine. For the rest, you can use bleach and water.


Steps to Recieving the Enema


Ok, here are the actual steps to recieving the enema:


1. If this is your 1st time, I recommend sticking with water for your enema solution. Ensure the water is around 100 degrees. Fill the enema bag with this water.


2. Put the hose, clamp and tip onto your enema bag. Use a lubricant for the tip.


3. Choose your position, and lubricate your anus. You want the nozzle to slide easily into your anus.


4. Hang the bag 3 to 4.5 feet above yourself, and then lie on your back. Relax as you or your partner turns on the flow of water. Relax, take several deep breaths, and massage your stomach. If you feel any cramps, stop the enema. Retain the water for 2 to 9 minutes. Most people can only take a couple of cups of water the first time. If you can't take much, take smaller portions.


5. If you feel your feces expelling, go to the bathroom with the enema still in place. Wait until you're ready to release your feces before you take it out.


Tips for Beginners


1. Hang the bag 12-20 inches above your anus.


2. If you have diarrhea, please do not do enemas. You should try and take a probiotic such as Latero-Flora after doing a series of enemas. This is because enemas can flush out good bacteria out of your system, and probiotics restores these bacteria.


3. It can take up to 20 minutes to administer an entire enema, so don't try and rush it.


4. Massage your stomach occasionally during an enema.


Many people wonder how often should you do an enema. It differs from person to person. If you're bowel cleansing, you should try and get an enema everyday.


If you experience constipation regularly, getting an enema once a week should help alleviate it, and induce regular bowel movements. If you feel congested, you should definitely do an enema in the spur of the moment. If you're doing enemas for satisfactory purposes, it's best not to go overboard and do it more than once a day.


I'm still Confused


Ok, so giving yourself an enema is harder than it seems. If you still do not understand completely how to give yourself an enema, I suggest getting some instructional DVDs.


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