How To Get The Girls You Want – Tips And Tactics For Major Success With Women

Alright guys, in this document you are likely to hear some effective tactics and advice straight from a guy who is likely to have wonderful success with women. Sounds good? So let’s start…

The first thing to know is that the women who are hot, the women that he needs, are the same as other women. They are normal people. And therefore you shouldn’t view them as more difficult to obtain than normal looking chicks.

Don’t put the women you’re attracted to on a pedestal. Don’t think of them as goddesses. You don’t stand a chance with them if you think of them this way. Women want to be treated as equals.

This is translated into measurements. If you suspect that a woman is simply too hot for you, a goddess, then you will act in a way that reveals exactly how you regard her. And women realize this instantly. And they’re turned off by it. It disgusts them.

And you need to attract them, not repel them.

So what follows is a short list of things to avoid with the women you are attracted to.

Appeal. This simply means being cool and practically begging for sex or attention. Gifts are also in this particular group. Consider the tone of yours’ voice. If sexnoveller seems like you’re trying to be nice to her, she’ll be instantly repulsed.
be needy What this means is giving off whatever kind of vibe you want her attention or approval from.
Impression. What this means is trying to develop an impression on a woman, trying to point out things that are awesome or cool, bragging, etc.
without touching it Girls miss out on guys who are hesitant to get tangible with them. Touching women with confidence is a crucial part of talking to them in a sexual way.
If you’ve read the above, you’ll probably notice at least one of what he’s doing right now if he talks to the women he wants.

So what do women want? What is the secret? The fact is this: women what a guy who doesn’t require them, doesn’t beg for sex or attention, is expressive (which is really what makes him cool, not the points he has or maybe has achieved in life), and ultimately they want a man who can touch her with confidence and make her feel like a woman.

Reread this final section. There really is wisdom and there the fact is quite easy. However, the males who know this are very few and far between. So when a woman sees that you’re a guy who “gets it,” then she’s the one who starts going after you.

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