Giving a High Enema



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A high enema is an enema given for the purpose of cleansing the colon and your bowels (not for sexual satisfaction purposes). It is purely a cleansing enema that is usually used during a cleansing regimen such as bowel cleansing, liver, or candida cleansing.


It can also be given to cure constipation or proctoscopic procedure. A few people even use enemas as an alternative treatment for leukemia cancer.


A high enema is usually given to you by another person. In fact, it is the standard - you shouldn't give a high enema to yourself so find a trusted partner.


Are high enemas painful?

It is not painful at all, but it is crucial that your entire colon is filled with liquids during a high enema.


What kind of enema solution should I use?

Most people use 2-4 quarts of warm filtered water.


The procedure:


1. Lie on your left side, rolling on your back. This position is the most ideal one since it enables the enema solution to be ejected very easily inside your colon. Hold the enema container 12-18 inches above your rectum. This enables the enema solution to travel deeper into your colon, cleansing it more thoroughly. If you keep it low, you are just cleansing the rectum and sigmoid colon.


2. Pour warm filtered water into your enema bag. Lubricate your nozzle, and insert it into your rectum. Make sure the temperature of the water is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


3. Introduce the enema solution into your rectum. When the solution is being ejected, sooner or later you will feel you can't take in anymore. At this point, relax. You should try and hold the water for at least 10-15 minutes. If you can't, have a bowel movement and try again.


4. After the high enema is over, you will want to go to the bathroom and undergo a bowel movement. You should try to hold the enema solution inside before having the bowel movement. If you have trouble with this, try using a retention nozzle.


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