What is a fleet enema?



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A fleet enema is a pre-packaged enema that is already lubricated. If you don't want to shell the cash to buy a complete enema bag, a fleet enema is perfect for you. If you are a woman, your physician may recommend you buy a fleet enema before some medical exams and checkups.


Of course, fleet enema can also be used for cleaning the colon or before doing it. Fleet enemas are convenient, cheap, and extremely easy to use. All you have to do it simply open it up, and you're ready to use it. However, fleet enemas are definitely not reusable - you will have to throw it out as soon as you're done using it.


Like I said, fleet enemas are a perfect alternative to buying enema bags. They cost around $3-$5 for one pair.


If you are plan to regular cleanse your colon, I would recommend getting an enema bag. Why? Well, because enema bags can usually hold much more water than a fleet enema.


There are some potential dangers to using a fleet enema that you should be aware of. Certain fleet enemas have be shown to cause damage to the kidneys if you use it for a prolonged period of time. Recently, a team of physicians from Columbia College reports of several incidents of people who had kidney failure after using fleet enemas


The types of people most at risk are older people, people susceptible to heart attacks, people with angina, and people with poor kidneys. In addition, if you are likely to become dehydrated, or take certain hypertension drugs, you should not do fleet enemas at all.


So, make sure you buy a high quality fleet enema before proceeding. Ask for help in your local drug store or better yet - ask your physician for his/her recommendations.


What position should I do the fleet enema?


Simply lie on your left side, with your knee bent, right leg raised up. Alternatively you can give the fleet enema in the knee chest position. Either works.


Can a fleet enema be given to children?


Yes, fleet enemas can be given to children. If you want to feel completely safe, it's better to contact a physician beforehand. Although I talked about potential dangers with fleet enemas, overall they are a safe device to use in cleansing, cleaning the anus, etc.


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