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So, you want to do an enema but can't decide what type of enema bag or kit to use. There are many factors you have to consider when buying an enema kit.

Reusable Enema Bag

If you plan on giving yourself an enema regularly (more than 3 times a month), you should definitely get a reusable enema bag. They usually cost anywhere from $60 to $180, but once you buy one, you never need to buy another one for many years. A reusable enema bag consists of:


- Enema Tip
You insert this inside your rectum after you lubricate it with some jelly. Water flows through this tip into your rectum.


- Douche Tip
Your enema bag will also probably come with a douche tip. Unlike an enema tip a douche tip has the water flowing out of the sides. The holes are also much smaller. As a result, less water will flow into your rectum, though you can raise your bag higher.


- Clamp
People use the clamp to control the flow of water. Most people though simply raise their bag if they want more flow, and lower it if they want less. When your enema is complete, you need to close the clamp to prevent backflow.


If you're doing an enema often for cleansing or sexual purposes, you should definitely get yourself a reusable enema bag. These bags can be used for 5+ years if used properly. Some of the best enema bags that are used for all purposes include The Flowmaster Enema Kit.

Disposable Enema Bag ( Fleet Enema)

If you only plan to give yourself an enema once or twice and that's it, a fleet enema would probably be your best pick. A fleet enema can only be used once, and after that it's useless. Fleet enemas usually come pre-packaged and already lubricated, so you can readily use it as soon as you buy it. No setting things up, which makes things quite convenient.


Fleet Enemas cost as little as $2-$3. The downside with fleet enemas of course is that you can't use them more than once, and it can't hold a lot of water. If you're doing cleansing, I recommend you buy a full enema bag instead.

Enema Syringe

An enema bulb syringe is similar to an ear syringe you'd use to clean your ears out. After you fill the thing up with an enema solution, you insert it into your rectum, and squeeze it into your rectum.


People usually choose to use an enema syringe when they want to relieve constipation. If you're doing comprehensive cleansing, or doing an enema for sex purposes, an enema bag would be your optimal equipment.


Many people do not like enema syringes because of the constant need to refill the syringe, as well as air that flows with the enema solution.


If you prefer to use an enema syringe over an enema bag, most people choose the Adult XL Enema Syringe.

Enema Bucket

Some people also like to use enema buckets. Enema buckets are quite simple and convenient to use. If you can't find a good place to hang your enema bag, enema buckets could be for you.


Enema buckets can also contain quite a bit of liquids - much more than enema syringes. They can also be refilled because they have an open top.


The bad things about enema buckets though is that they require a lot of space. Enema bags you can fold up - but enema buckets require a full closet to store.

So which do you recommend?

I don't want to recommend anything for you because everyone has different tastes. What works for you might not work for me. If you are a beginner though, I recommend getting an enema bag such as Flowmaster Enema Kit over enema syringes and other products.


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