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As mentioned in other enema articles, people give themselves an enema for 2 primary reasons: for private reasons (to clean their rectum, or satisfaction) or for health reasons (cleansing their colon and relieving constipation).


Though noone talks about it (who talks about these things in public?), enemas are quite popular. As many as 70% of households have an enema bag in their homes, and as many as 60% of women have used an enema bag at some point in their life. 50% of couples regularly use enemas to clean their rectum in preparation for doing it.


Enema Before Doing It


Doing it can be enjoyable for some people, but the "poop" can be a real turnoff for many people. That's why some women give themselves an enema to clean themselves up before the action starts. Otherwise, the entire act can be ruined by the presence of fecal matter all over your bed. Women who are beginners to doing it anally should especially have an enema because it can reduce their worries of this happening.


Another reason women do enemas before doing it is to get all the crap out of their system. If you feel you are about to go, but can't manage to have a bowel movement, giving yourself an enema will stimulate the bowels to move. It'd rather embarassing and disgusting to go to the bathroom to have a bowel movement in the middle of doing it. I myself, use enemas before every single session for this reason.


One of my friends gives herself an enema to "practice" before doing it. If your partner wants to do it with you, but you have not experienced what it is like, you should give yourself an enema so you can have a feel on what it is like. This reduces anxiety when you do it for real.


Enema to Satisfy Yourself


Other women simply give themselves an enema to satisfy themselves, and replace the real thing. My friend loves to have her partner administer an enema to her prior to doing it. It can be very satisfying if you're both into it.


If you have a partner administer the enema, make sure you tell him/her when to stop if you experience any pain or discomfort.


So enemas are not just used for cleansing the colon, and detoxifying your body. In fact, most people use it for private reasons.


- Clean the rectum before doing it
- Get all the crap out of your system before doing it
- Satisfying oneself
- Practice doing it


If you give yourself an enema often, make sure you take a probiotic once in awhile because enemas can flush away some of the mucuous linings in your anus and colon. This isn't a huge deal, but it doesn't hurt to have 2-3 bottles of probiotics stored somewhere.


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