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Here are some enema pictures taken from a couple of enema parties. So far I have organized 2 enema parties and they have been nothing short of orgasmic. It's a shame that expressing our sexual desires is repressed in society. All of these pictures are just screenshots of full enema movies. Feel free to sign up for free to view 10 minutes of each movie.



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Pictures from An Enema Party on June 6, 2006


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Yes, men were invited to this enema party as well.


Some other steamy things happening:


Some girl on girl action


Some of us decided to dress the role =)


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Pics from An Enema Party on December 6, 2005



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Holding an Enema Party?

Planning to hold an enema party? I love enemas and would love to attend any party in the tri-state area, and maybe even in the West Coast if there's going to be plenty of other enema enthusiasts. If there's an enema party you want me to know about, feel free to email me with the date, location, and details!

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My name is Julia Chang, and like you, I'm a long-time enema enthusiast. I'm a relatively young person, just 28 years old.

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