What is an enema?



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So, what is an enema anyway? Is it disgusting? painful? enjoyable? necessary? Well, let's start with the basics. First, off, an enema is a procedure in which liquids such as water is introduced into your colon. Enemas can be given to anyone: men or women, and are usually used for 2 main purposes: cleansing our colon, or satisfaction.


Enemas have been around for a long time, but have always been a "cult" practice. Recently however, it has risen in popularity. Up to 1/3 of people in the US are estimated to have an enema kit in their homes. Many people use either a disposable enema bag or bottle. Reusable rubber, or vinyl bags are also common among enema users.


Here are some of the main benefits and purposes of enemas:



If you have constipation problems, you'd probably take an oral laxative. An enema however involves administering a bulb syringe, or fleet enema into your rectum. Giving yourself an enema can alleviate constipation, because after you give one, feces usually are ejected out of your body. If you were born in the 1970's, you were probably given an enema as a baby when you had constipation.


Sexual Satisfaction and Erotica

Enemas can provide satisfaction for both females and males (more for women though). Many women discover that the rush of water inflow from an enema provide erotic stimulation. Lots of males (I know you're reading this!) love to read enema stories, watch enema movies, and give punishment enemas as a form of domination. This is completely healthy, as long as both parties consent to this punishment. It's healthy and completely normal to express our sexual desires, instead of suppressing them!


Cleansing the colon

People usually choose to give themselves an enema instead of going to get a colonic because it's cheaper, and reusable. When you give yourself an enema, the water that circulates up your colon washes away all the mucoid plaque stuck in your colon walls. Enemas are usually a single part of a colon cleansing regimen. To completely cleanse the colon, you must take a colon cleanser such as DrNatura and supplement with a good probiotic such as Latero-Flora or to replace the beneficial bacteria.


Enemas can help treat many diseases and ailments such as:
- Candida (Yeast Infection)
- Colitis
- Hemorrhoids
- Cancer of the Colon
- Acne and Skin Conditions
- Parasite Infection
- Body Odor
- Leaky Gut Syndrome


Enemas are also recommended by some as a form of alternative cancer treatment. Whether it works or not, who knows? But according to Curezone.com, if you are at a late stage of cancer, one of the things that have worked for some people in treating it is to give themselves an enema every single day, particularly wheat grass enemas, and enemas with probiotics.


In addition, some doctors usually give you an enema before you are subjected to a colonoscopy, or sigmoidoscopy. Most enemas of this kind usually involve using a sodium phosphate solution because it is so quick and efficient.



Not abuse, mind you, but friendly punishment among partners. Some people find it pleasing and satisfying to see their partner be forced to retain their enema. If you're one of these people, you're not alone. It is definitely not weird as well. If it makes you happy, enjoy it! Don't feel guilty about having this desire at all.


Punishment enemas basically accentuates the unpleasant feelings connected with enemas. The punisher usually injects large amounts of harsh solutions into the person's rectum quickly, and makes him/her hold the solution for a prolonged period.


Though this sounds cruel, in reality punishment enemas are completely safe, when both parties know how to administer enemas, and are experienced with getting and giving an enema. If you want to use enemas for punishment and erotic purposes, make sure you know how to give an enema first!


One piece of advice I can give is to use normal solutions! Do not use extremely harsh ones such as extremely hot water, as this can damage the person's rectum. In addition please do not use over 4 quarts of water. Punishment enemas can be enjoyable for both sides, if they both enjoy this fetish, but you should always be safe too!


Cleaning your anus


Some partners like to use enemas to clean their anus before doing it. This reduces the risk of infection, and embarassment of having to go to the bathroom in the middle of doing it.


No matter what reason you're doing enemas, it pays to have good equipment and knowledge beforehand. Enemas are not dangerous, but to have a comfortable experience you should learn as much as possible. This is why this site was created.


How often should I do enemas?


Enemas are not meant to be done every single day. If you do enemas everyday, you risk getting addicted to them, which is a horrible thing. When you're addicted to them, you won't be able to have a natural bowel movement by yourself. You will have to depend on an enema to empty your bowels. My advice is this: if you're using an enema for more than 10 days in a row, stop and give it a rest.


If you're being given an enema for erotic purposes, then you also should follow this rule as you also risk getting addicted to it.


So how do I get started?


1. Get an enema bag.
To get started, you must first get an enema bag/nozzle, or an enema kit. If you are an expert, by all means, choose whichever enema bag and nozzle you prefer. If you are a beginner though, I recommend you look around and get an enema kit. Read our equipment guide to see what your choices are


2. Learn how to give an enema


3. Learn some recipes
After giving you or yourself a normal water enema, you may want to explore other types of enemas such as the famous coffee enema. Whether you're using it for health reasons or punishment enemas, they are extremely enjoyable and a good change of pace.


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