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1. What is the difference between an enema and colonic?


First and foremost, an enema is much more cheaper than getting a colonic. You simply buy an enema kit/bag for $60+ and you can keep reusing it for many years until it's unusable. A colonic session on the other hand can cost as much as $100 per session. Though, a professional can make the entire experience much better, an enema is definitely the more convenient solution for most of us.


That said, a colonic cleanses the colon much more thoroughly than an enema.


2. How can I insert the nozzle easily?


You need some sort of lubricant to make inserting it more easier. I highly recommend you use one such as Super Salve Lubricant. to make it more easily insertable.


3. On my first enema, how much water will I be able to empty into my anus?


Most people usually empty less than 1/2 gallon in their first attempt. If you experience some pressure, you should close the clamp for a second. You could also try hanging the enema bag lower.


4. If I experience pain during an enema, what should I do?


Simply take deep breathes and relax. In order to empty a lot of water into your anus, you need to tolerate some discomfort. Enemas can not cause any severe pain or damage to your body, so do not worry.


5. Why does my colon enable water to enter my system the first time easily, but enemas get harder afterwards?


This is probably a mental problem. Some people have no problem with an enema the first time, but afterwards they have problems. I would recommend you give yourself an enema the first time, wait 1 hour, then give another enema, wait 1 hour, then do the last one. Many people have had good results with this method.


6. What is the coffee enema?


The coffee enema is a very famous enema recipe that is used to open the bile ducts for the liver. This sends toxins such as liver stones into the colon. It usually is used for liver detoxification.


7. How high should the enema bag be?


I usually hook the enema bag at the same height as my doorknob, which is 2-3 feet above the bathroom floor. Remember, the higher the bag is, the stronger the water flow. If you want a comfortable enema, ensure the water isn't too hot or cold (around 99 degree Fahrenheit), and that the water flow is just right.


8. Why should I massage my abdomen while giving an enema?


This usually breaks up the fecal matter stuck in your colon. It also releases the trapped air.


9. What sicknesses do enemas heal and alleviate?


Traditionally, people have used enemas for detoxification purposes. They have used it to treat sicknesses and ailments such as:
- Constipation
- Colitis
- Depression
- Migraines
- Headaches
- Acne
- Fevers


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