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The coffee enema is a type of enema solution that you can put in your enema bag. The main ingredient, is of course coffee.


The coffee enema is an excellent detoxification of the liver, and cleanses the colon thoroughly, so it is mainly used for cleansing purposes, not sex. Why use coffee? Well, Coffee causes our liver to produce more bile. Bile, when released causes toxins as well as candida to be ejected and released through out bowels.


Coffee enemeas also causes the liver to make more enzymes - these enzymes cleanses our blood. For those who are doing a bowel cleansing regimen or detoxing, coffee enemas are definitely a crucial part of it.


Where should I take the enema?


The bathroom is usually the ideal place to do the coffee enema. The toilet is nearby, and you can hang the enema bag or bucket over the tub. When you do the enema, you should lie on the floor with pillows and towels. Alternatively you can just take the enema in the bathtub, with pillows and towels.


How high should you hang the enema bag?


You should try and hang the enema bag one to three feet above body level. You can determine the ideal height through trial and error. Some people like to read books while doing the enema - it makes the experience more comfortable. You should have a watch nearby so you can tell when you should stop.


Coffee enemas should be as relaxing as possible. While doing the enema, you can read books about detoxification or healing. The enema will not only release the toxins that are in our liver and colon, but will release emotions as well, such as anger and hate.


What should I do before the enema?


Before doing the enema, ensure you drink a lot of liquids beforehand. If you're dehydrated and do an enema, it can cause drowsiness and headaches. Also, make sure you do an enema at least 1 hour after you eat. Dont drink anything except water before an enema. Following these guidelines will make the enema a more relaxing and pleasant experience.


Also try and relax. If this is the first time you're doing a coffee enema, do not be scared. It's normal to be anxious when doing an enema for the first time, but remember that many people have done enemas in their entire lifetime, and hardly anyone gets hurt.


The coffee enema procedure:


1. Pour 3 tablespoons of organic coffee to 1 quart of boiling hot water


2. Boil this solution for 3-4 minutes. Leave it to simmer for 10-15 minutes.


3. When the coffee's done, strain it from the pan into a suitable jug, before leaving to cool, or, more conveniently, mixing with cold water in order to bring it to body temperature.


4. Normally, people take in the coffee from 8-15 minutes in. It should never take more than 20 minutes for the coffee to exert its detoxing effects on the liver.


5. You should try and take the coffee enema while lying on your right side, with your knees pulled up. This enables the coffee to flow deep inside your colon. However, this is not the rule - if you prefer other positions, feel free to experiment. As usual, use some sort of lubricant for the tip.


6. After 15-16 minutes, you may expel the coffee enema. If it occurs earlier, so be it.


After the coffee enema is over, you may experience some nausea. If so, next time remember to make the coffee solution weaker.

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