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When you become a little more experienced in conducting an enema, you may want grow tired of using the same enema solution over and over. Many people, if not all use different enema recipes. Why? Well, if you want to cleanse your colon of parasites, you may wish to make a Clarkia solution, and use that to battle parasites. If you want to support your liver (particularly after a liver cleanse), you may wish to use the famous coffee enema. Here are some enema recipes that are relatively famous. Experiment with them, and see which ones suit you the best.


Remember, you don't have to be cleansing to use different enema recipes. They can be used for satisfisfaction purposes as well.


1) Castille Soap

This is a good one, and a personal favorite of mine. Castille Soap is quite effective in cleansing out your colon. However, if you use it frequently, I highly recommend followingup with a simple water enema. This is to prevent irritation of the colon. You can get Castille Soap easily online or in stores. They usually come in small packets. You just combine this packet with 2-2.5 quarts to create the Castille Soap enema solution.


2) Mineral Oil Enema

A mineral oil enema solution is particularly effective as a laxative. So, if you have chronic or light constipation, you may want to use mineral oil. The reason it's so effective is because it's a oil - it lubricates your rectum. To use it, simply mix 1 fluid oz of it with 2 - 2.5 quarts of water.


3) Coffee Enemas

Now, we come to the notorious coffee enema. The coffee enema is perhaps the oldest enema recipe in the planet. It's very popular among the enema community, especially among the people who want to detox. The reason it's so popular is because the coffee helps your large intestine and liver rid itself of toxins. Though the scientific evidence backing it up is virtually absent, many people have swore by it.


If you wish to give the coffee enema a try, simply mix 1 tbspoon of brewed coffee grounds for each quart of water. Mix them well. I recommend you use an enema with a slightly larger nozzle, so that the coffee can pass through. Make sure you shake the entire mix well before giving yourself a coffee enema!


4) Lemon Juice Enema

Not much to say here, except it also is effective in cleansing your bowels. To use, simply mix a third cup of unsweetened natural lemon juice per quart of water. If you are prone to cramping, you might want to avoid the lemon juice enema.


5) Epson Salts Enema

Epsom Salts is useful is cleansing the colon as well, and giving you "butt pee". Some people even drink Epsom Salt water after colon cleansing. It stimulates peristalsis, and acts as a laxative. Some people also use Epsom salts in detox baths - simply soak yourself in an Epsom salt mix.


6) SaltWater Enema

The salt water enema is great for eliminating trips to the bathroom while recieving an enema. To make the solution, just mix 1 tbspoon of salt for each quart of water. So for 3 quarts of water, use 3 tablespoons of salt. Sea or celtic salt works fine here. Avoid table salt.


7) Mild Milk

This is a very mild enema solution and perfect for those that find the above recipes a bit too harsh. Heat the milk to 100-102 degrees Fahrenheit (39 degrees Celsius). Mix 1.5 quarts of warm water with 16 ounces of milk, along with 1 tbspoon of olive oil.


To heat the milk, I would warm it in the stove, and then add the milk + olive oil to the enema bag. Then add warm water to the bag. You may optionally add some honey to the solution too, if you prefer.


This Milk and Honey enema really helps for IBS and other bowel problems. Though I have not actually tried, many of my friends swear by this one as well. Remember to not heat the milk anywhere above 102 degrees!


8) Garlic and Epsom Salt Enema

Another one of my favorite enema recipes involves using:


- Mixing 2-3 cloves of garlic in 2-2.5 quarts of water
- Simmer for 5-6 mins
- Put in 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt
- Wait until it cools, then pour the solution into enema bag.
- Pour more water to fill the bag.


9) Soda Enema

Great for diarrhea. Simply mix 1/4 cups of sodium bicarbonate(soda) with water.


10) Soda and SoapSuds Enema

Simply mix 2 tablespoons of castille soap with 1/4 cup of sodium bicarbonate, with 2-2.5 quarts of water. Follow up with a normal water enema to prevent irritation


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