Enema Articles


Introduction to Enemas

Don't even know what an enema is, or who usually does one, or how to do one, or how often? Well, read this introduction!

Picture of Girl

We will tell you the steps to giving yourself an enema. For beginners.

Enema FAQ

Frequently asked questions about enemas.

Giving a High Enema

What is a high enema anyway? And how do I give myself or another person a high enema. This article will go into the details..

Enema for Private Reasons

Why people often conduct enemas prior to doing it, or for satisfaction.....

Recommended Enema Bag

An enema bag we highly recommend for beginners, and experts alike....

Fleet Enemas

What is a fleet enema? And why or when should I get a fleet enema instead of buying an enema bag or bucket?...

Best Enema Recipes

A list of the most popular and beneficial enema recipes. This is a must-read if you're planning to use enemas for detox purposes...

Is Klismaphilia Normal?

Klismaphilia is the fetish of using enemas solely for satisfaction. But is it normal?...

Submit Your Enema Story

Got an enema story you want to share? What about your first-time experience with enemas? Submit your enema story to with your first name, and last name (both optional). Pics are allowed.

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