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’m now a veteran liver flusher, and have done some colon cleansing, but had never done an enema before today. This was partly from apprehension on myself inserting cannula/tube past the haemorrhoids I have lived with for 40 years - they don’t bother me unless I get very constipated, so I normally leave them strictly alone!

I really have two main areas of question :
First, is there anyone else with actual experience on the combination of enemas and haemorrhoids? They did feel somewhat uncomfortable after my attempt today, as below.

Second, I am puzzled at what happened today, so can anyone comment, please?
I was basically doing a salt water enema following Shelley’s “Enema Tips” from 7 March 04, with the coffee enema Article as further useful background guidance on logistics.
However neither these nor my kit instructions really say how far in you need to insert the tube?
Also, once inserted will it stay in by itself during the procedure, or do you need to hold it in place?

I am still rather fat, so the only way I could manage to do the insertion was on my back with knees bent, head up on a cushion, and the clamp just reachable with left hand while I pushed or held the tube with right hand. I had prepared the tube with the solution filling it (no air) before I started; bottom of can 69 cm (27 inches) off floor.
At first, water did not flow in at all, but after pushing the tube in a bit further suddenly it flowed well, and I was able to get all 2 cups in. After retaining with massage then voiding, I attempted to repeat this with refilled can. However no matter what I did, including pushing it in even further, I could not get it to flow in again!!!

I don’t understand why. I was not especially constipated and had a reasonable bowel action an hour earlier. Since it DID work with my first half-litre, there must have been space in the colon, so what could I have been doing wrong on the repeat?

Today’s saltwater one was really something of a dummy run in preparation for a coffee enema that I was planning on tomorrow (Saturday, Sydney time : 17 hrs ahead of LA time). I hope someone can help with suggestions.

If I am understanding you correctly I believe you are using enema equipment. I do not know how far to insert the tip when using and enema, but with a colema, it is approximately 3 inches. I would think that with an enema you would have to hold it in place while taking in the solution. With a colema, once you insert the tips you lay back and relax, no taking it in and out. You mentions the can being 27 inches of the floor.

Dr Bernard Jensen recommened 72 inches from the floor to get two pounds of gravity pressure. This is a flow that can usually work its way through debri, but is still gentle. (I have been told people with irritable bowel should not elevate their pail as high). I once experienced what you are discribing, I had to place my solution container on the counter at this height I had a horrible time keeping it flowing. I know that moving the tip around, slightly higher, slightly lower, would help. Being on the colema board I also took it out got the solution flowing and them inserted it again while it was flowing. That would get kinda messy if you are on the floor.

I would say it was a problem with either gravity or the tip being pluged by debri.

As far as the hemroids are concerned a few years ago, my dad new wife had horrible hemroids and said the board was the only thing that helped. So much so that she brought the unit on our first family vacation in Mexico. Back then when she first married my dad, I was not at ease enough with her to ask her about the details that made it better for her hemroids (she is 5 years younger than me). Now days we are good buds, so I will get hold of her and get her input and post it shortly.

I hope that your first try did not taint your desire to cleanse. And please never feel silly when asking questions concerning cleansing, that is what we all come here for!


This question was asked in the curezone forums, a wonderful alternative medicine resource.


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