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The Enema Foundation features the sexiest, and free erotic enema videos, movies, pictures, and stories. If you have an enema fetish, and are a fan of enema nurses, punishment enemas, and forced enemas, we have what you want - all 100% free. Enjoy!

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Looking to browse all enema videos? Whether you're into enema punishment, or want to see an enema forced into a sexy woman, you'll find tons of variety here. All of these clips are 100% free, but you must sign up for free first. Watch enema movies here...

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Stories of other people's experiences with enemas, as well as stories of enema nurses, and punishment enemas being administered. Also included are some erotica stories not related to enemas. Read enema stories here...

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Gallery with high quality enema pictures taken from enema movies. All of these pictures are free to view, but I highly recommend you view the movie they came from. View enema pictures here...

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The WebMistress:
Julia Chang

My name is Julia Chang, and like you, I'm a long-time enema enthusiast. I'm a relatively young person, just 28 years old.

I created this website as a free resource for people who are interested in watching enema movies, and reading enema stories

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